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Infester - A Fitting End To The Present Patological Practices- The Final Phatologist's Report (2012)

Estados Unidos
Sello: Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 128kbps

01. Adorable Congestive Collection of Anatomical Remnants
02. Cadaverica Serosa Liquidora - The Pathologist's Jelly
03. Surgeon of all Humans
04. Wide Spread Feculent Phyllodese Tumour (of the Seminal Vesicle II)
05. Increasing Lividious Fleshlike Inlays of the Gastrointestinal Section
06. 666 Surgical Incisions
07. Deranged on Embalming Fumes (Intoxicated in the Morgue)
08. Stabbed to Fucking Death with a Scalpel
09. The Presence of Blood and Urine in Post-Urethralosomic Secretions
10. Rigor Mortis in Squashed Bodyparts
11. Swarming With Gangrenous Pus (Overflowing With Purulent Discharge)
12. Obscene Secretion of Scrotal Fluids
13. The Forensic Examiner's View of the Whole Entire Separated Gastroentercolitic Region After Autopsy
14. Choked on Massive Amounts of Lymphatic Drainage
15. Abdominal Distension and Expurgation
16. Layers of Darkened and Decayed Folds of Tissue Surrounding the Esophageal Region
17. Smeared in Surgical Lubricant for Amusement
18. Acute Pancreatitis Showing Extensive Small Foci of Fat Necrosis
19. Oozing Sapogenic Suppurated Slippage
20. Dysenteric Bowel Scatterization and Dismemberment
21. Informative and Tutorial Methods on Fully Disemboweling the Human Structure with Exceeded Interest
22. Repeated Continuous Hypodermic Injections of a Bleach, Acetone, and Hydrocloric Acid Solution
23. Tenderize the Autopsy Scraps
24. Pleasurably Degrading the Digestive Cavity
25. Filing Away the Excessive Bits of Bone and Carcinogenous Tissue for a More Easier Treatment of Cadaveric Disposal
26. Pleasant Fascination for Dissection
27. Carnage, Garbage and Anatomical Treasures
28. Signs of Lividity in a Freezer-Burnt Corpse
29. Cut Open the Torso Cavity, Remove all the Visible Organs, Replace the Contents with Lye, and Sew Everything up for Means of Depravity
30. Splintered Limb Fragments to Suture
31. An Absurd Interlude Following the Current Acts of Delightful Degradation and Defilement
32. Open Heart Experiments Involving Laquer
33. Unsedated Surgical Procedure
34. Complete Lower Trunk Detachment
35. Aqueous Formaldehyde (Preservation of Anatomical Specimen)
36. A Fitting End to the Present Practices in Pathology...

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