febrero 25, 2016

Repulsion - Horrified (1989)

Grindcore/Death Metal
Estados Unidos
Sello: Earache Records [1989] Cassette
~~~~~ Necrosis Records [1989] CD / LP
~~~~~ Relapse Records [1992] Cassette / CD, Reissue
~~~~~ Necrosis Records [1993] CD
~~~~~ Toy's Factory [1993] CD
~~~~~ Relapse Records [2003] CDx2 Reissue, Repress
~~~~~ Southern Lord Recordings [2006] CDx2 Reissue, Remastered
~~~~~ Relapse Records [2010] LP Reissue, Remastered
~~~~~ Relapse Records [2013] LP Reissue, Remastered, Repress
~~~~~ Relapse Records [2014] LP Reissue, Remastered, Repress
No Oficial: Baron Music [1990] Cassette
~~~~~ MG Records [1992] Cassette
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 320kbps

01. The Stench of Burning Death
02. Eaten Alive
03. Acid Bath
04. Slaughter of the Innocent
05. Decomposed
06. Radiation Sickness
07. Splattered Cadavers
08. Festering Boils
09. Pestilent Decay
10. Crematorium
11. Driven to Insanity
12. Six Feet Under
13. Bodily Dismemberment
14. Repulsion
15. The Lurking Fear
16. Black Breath
17. Maggots in Your Coffin
18. Horrified

febrero 15, 2016

Toxic Cunt - Ass Massacre (2007)

Estados Unidos
Sello: Independiente
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 128kbps

01. D!(K 2 @$$
02. Ripping Assholes
03. ! k!$$3d (0R+N3y l0V3 & w@$ h!Gh 4 3 w33k$
04. Ass Massacre
05. R!p 0Ff Y0uR F@(3
06. @$$ 2 M0u+H
07. $uRr0uNd3D By $#!+
08. M!dG3+ $3X 0n @ $(h00L Bu$
09. Felt Like Feces
10. Severed Butt Crack

Toxic Cunt - Necrocunt (2006)

Estados Unidos
Sello: Independiente
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 128kbps

01. Zombie Slut
02. Piss Infected Cromazome
03. Dick In A Meat Grinder
04. Menstrule Blood Painting
05. Fuck The Police
06. Blood And Feces
07. Murdered By A Fat Bitch
08. Fire Lizzard
09. Pus Filled Cunt
10. Get Drunk Off Of My Nuts
11. Ass Assassin
12. Spermbank Poopshoot
13. Bathed In Shit
14. Your A Fucking Bitch (But I Love You)
15. Necro Cunt
16. Escape Reality

Toxic Cunt - Jerk Off To The Dead (2005)

Estados Unidos
Sello: Independiente
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 128kbps

01. Fist Fuck
02. Grape Cool Aid Turns Your Poop Green
03. I Got To Piss Really Bad
04. Running With Scissors
05. Autistic Bitch Fit
06. Killing Is Fun
07. Ode To My Chode
08. Cats Ate Her Face
09. Bitch
10. Insestual Bestiality
11. Anus Destroyer
12. Jerk Off To The Dead
13. Visons.of.demons
14. Suffer Slowly
15. Feces Peanut Butter Cups
16. Pussy Punishment
17. Grindcore
18. [untitled]
19. Puke On My Cock

febrero 07, 2016

Carnal Disfigurement - Inhuman Devoured Content From Cranial (2011)

Brutal Death Metal
República Checa
Sello: Inherited Suffering Records [2011] CD
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 320kbps

01. Decrepit Pyemesis
02. The Art Of Sadistic Body Examination
03. Depth Of Perverse Depravity
04. Butchered Maggoty Face
05. Ulcerative Helminthemesis
06. Cadaveric Stench Of Infecting Population
07. Degenerating Cerebral Impulses
08. Dismembered Human Filet

Carnal Disfigurement - Inhuman Slamming Extermination (2009)

Brutal Death Metal
República Checa
Sello: Independiente [2009] CDr, Promo
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 320kbps

01. Dismembered Human Filet
02. The Art Of Sadistic Examination
03. Depht Of Depravity

febrero 04, 2016

Infester - Specific Procedures For Post-Mortem Examinations- Autopsy Findings III (2015)

Estados Unidos
Sello: Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions [2015] CDr
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 192kbps

01. Collagenic Cystic Epodomeroa Consistent with Malignant Cancerous Growths in Lymphiatys Paracoma
02. Hyposolomenemiac Bicopsia Associated with the Progression of Enterococcal Disorders and Diseases
03. Acute Erythematous Ocreta of Streptococcal Infections (Adomerocerousa)
04. Malignant Malformation of Congenitally Acquired Pyostenodenosis Involving the Heart & Bronchials
05. Prostatic Inflammation Due to Chronic Lacidate Insufficency
06. Subdural Hematomatic Infernal Meatal Growth of Vestibulocochlear Cranial Nerves Into the Petrous Temporal Regions
07. Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinatios Closely Associated WIth Dysmorphiatresia Platelet Defects
08. C5H14N2 - Formula Cadaverine
09. Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome vs. Gerstmann–Sträussler–Scheinker Syndrome
10. Acute Disseminated Thoraco-Abdominal Chemodectomas With Cutaneous Angiolipomas
11. Familial Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Leucopenia & Atrial Septalis
12. Indoperiphoenentic Chemico-Lymphatic-Filariasis of Luptts Elephantitis
13. Aggrevated Congenital Myasthemic Syndrome Associated With Acetylcholine Receptor Defiency
14. Carbamoyl-Phosphate Synthase I Deficiency Disease (Ornithine Carbamoyl Phosphate Deficiency) vs. Carnitine-Acylcarnitine Translocase Deficiency Syndrome)
15. Active Ectodermal Dysplasia Accompanying Lacrimal Duct Abnormalities
16. Specific Procedures for Post-Mortem Examinations: Autopsy Findings III

Infester - Forensics And Pathology (2014)

Estados Unidos
Sello: Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions [2014] CDr
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 192kbps

01. A.D.R. (Apparent Death Resuscitation): Re-Examining The Current Status Of The Pathogenial Symptoms Leading To Worsening Conditions
02. Congective Aterbilous Tissue Pachymeningitis Malformation Of Obstructionary Organis
03. Forensics And Pathology
04. Hypostasis (Postmortem Discoloration)
05. Malignant Myoloid Otitis Accompanying Chronic Congenital Local-Interior Tube Distortion
06. Pleomorphic Hidradenitis Of The Stemocleidomastoid Perila
07. "Let The Dead Be Dead"

Infester - Emergency Villus Gastro-Colonic Biopsy For Hepatocellular Carcinoma (2014)

Estados Unidos
Sello: Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions [2014] CDr
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 192kbps

01. Intro
02. Right Hemicolectomy With Ileo-Transverse Anastomosis
03. Weighing of the Guts: A Pathologist's Least Favorite Chore
04. Melanocytic Mestastibility in Gluttonous Psyelosysteac Stromal Glands
05. Purposely Misplacing The Organs Of A Teen Idol Pop Star Faggot Post Non-Essential Surgery
06. Engulfed in a Forensic Examiner's Workload / Outro

Septic Autopsy / Infester - Carnal Dissection Of The Thoraco Wall / Hidden Medico-Pathological Inquests Part 1 (2013)

Sello: Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions [2013] CDr, Ltd.
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 192kbps

Tracks 01-08 Septic Autopsy: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore, México
Tracks 09-15 Infester: Goregrind, Estados Unidos

01. Introduction to the Illegal Practices (The Begining of a New Study on the Festering Corpses)
02. Oxidised Scalpel to Cut the Infected Viscous Liver
03. Toxicological Induction to an Aminocyclopentanecarboxylic Acid
04. The Soggy Appearance of Liquefying Tissue As a Result of Severe Larval Feeding Activity
05. Bad Periperal Circulation of Venomous Disorders
06. Embalming the Putrefact Body
07. Showering Bile Contamination
08. Congenital Tumour Constitued by Embryonic Tissues and Foetal Residues (Lymphatic Phlegm cover)
09. Volumous Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia Accompained With Eosinophilia Vasculitis
10. Generalized Histiocytic Necrotizing Lymphadenitis
11. Multisplentic Pyopuriansy of the Illeostomic-anal Complex Idioform
12. Isthmic Spondylolisthesis (Illiotibial Band Syndrome - I.B.S.)
13. Progressive Multisystem Pulmoary Lymphangioleiomatosis Complicated by Uterine Carcinogenic Systemic Embolism
14. Lymphatic Interstitial Cystitis Deranged by Diaphrenteric Pneumonitis
15. Pre-Operative Inquest of Autopsy: All Autopsy and Postmortem Preliminaries Will Be Conducted by Infester´s Morgue Staff and Will Siigned Away For Further Examination By the Doctors Maggard & Aartiquez

One-Armed Pancreatic Surgery / Infester - Human Fantasy Of Grotesque Pathological Theatre / ...As Your Frail Structure Surrenders To The Throes Of Anatomy... (2013)

Sello: Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions [2013] CDr
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 192kbps

Tracks 01-12 One-Armed Pancreatic Surgery: Gorenoise, Estados Unidos
Tracks 13-19 Infester: Goregrind, Estados Unidos

01. Fornication of Cerebral Teratoma by Poisonous Wasps
02. The Surgeon's Biopsy Determined That the Cancer Must Be Removed Through Thoracotomy Due to Lesions From Analingus
03. A Deformity of the Skull Causes an Extensive Amount of Blood Loss Between the Orifices
04. A Gross Examination of Large Malignancies of the Rectal Canal
05. Amputee Surgery of the Pancreas
06. Human Remains Found in the Parking Garage That Was Half Eaten by Savage Cannibals
07. Regurgitated Intestines With a Dark Yellow Shade
08. Surgically Implanted Device to Secretly Destroy Blood Cells
09. Anatomical Puzzle of Dismembered Limbs and Scattered Organs
10. Myocardial Infarction Associated With Severe Necrosis of the Coronary Artery
11. An Obscure Performance in Pathological Theatre
12. Large Amounts of Crystal Meth Were Found in the Autopsy of the Wealthy Businessman II
13. Pre-Destined for the Autopsy Ward (As Are We All...)
14. Behold!: The Opened Illeosotomic-Phenothoraxal Intra-Tracheal Wall During Invasive Nonsurgical Thoractomy
15. 316L-VM Compliant to ASTM F138 (High Grade Stainless Surgical Steel)
16. S.A.R.S. (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) - Rapidly Worsening Fatal Pneumonitial Inflammation
17. Inhalation of Pungent Morgue Fumes (High on Rot)
18. Hidden Behind the Caseated Craniotomic Omentum, Secrets Secrete...
19. Outro

febrero 03, 2016

Infester - A Fitting End To The Present Patological Practices- The Final Phatologist's Report (2012)

Estados Unidos
Sello: Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 128kbps

01. Adorable Congestive Collection of Anatomical Remnants
02. Cadaverica Serosa Liquidora - The Pathologist's Jelly
03. Surgeon of all Humans
04. Wide Spread Feculent Phyllodese Tumour (of the Seminal Vesicle II)
05. Increasing Lividious Fleshlike Inlays of the Gastrointestinal Section
06. 666 Surgical Incisions
07. Deranged on Embalming Fumes (Intoxicated in the Morgue)
08. Stabbed to Fucking Death with a Scalpel
09. The Presence of Blood and Urine in Post-Urethralosomic Secretions
10. Rigor Mortis in Squashed Bodyparts
11. Swarming With Gangrenous Pus (Overflowing With Purulent Discharge)
12. Obscene Secretion of Scrotal Fluids
13. The Forensic Examiner's View of the Whole Entire Separated Gastroentercolitic Region After Autopsy
14. Choked on Massive Amounts of Lymphatic Drainage
15. Abdominal Distension and Expurgation
16. Layers of Darkened and Decayed Folds of Tissue Surrounding the Esophageal Region
17. Smeared in Surgical Lubricant for Amusement
18. Acute Pancreatitis Showing Extensive Small Foci of Fat Necrosis
19. Oozing Sapogenic Suppurated Slippage
20. Dysenteric Bowel Scatterization and Dismemberment
21. Informative and Tutorial Methods on Fully Disemboweling the Human Structure with Exceeded Interest
22. Repeated Continuous Hypodermic Injections of a Bleach, Acetone, and Hydrocloric Acid Solution
23. Tenderize the Autopsy Scraps
24. Pleasurably Degrading the Digestive Cavity
25. Filing Away the Excessive Bits of Bone and Carcinogenous Tissue for a More Easier Treatment of Cadaveric Disposal
26. Pleasant Fascination for Dissection
27. Carnage, Garbage and Anatomical Treasures
28. Signs of Lividity in a Freezer-Burnt Corpse
29. Cut Open the Torso Cavity, Remove all the Visible Organs, Replace the Contents with Lye, and Sew Everything up for Means of Depravity
30. Splintered Limb Fragments to Suture
31. An Absurd Interlude Following the Current Acts of Delightful Degradation and Defilement
32. Open Heart Experiments Involving Laquer
33. Unsedated Surgical Procedure
34. Complete Lower Trunk Detachment
35. Aqueous Formaldehyde (Preservation of Anatomical Specimen)
36. A Fitting End to the Present Practices in Pathology...

Undocumented Forensic Experiments / Infester - Split (2011)

Sello: Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions [2011] CDr
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 192kbps

Tracks 01-09 Undocumented Forensic Experiments: Goregrind, Estados Unidos
Tracks 10-18 Infester: Goregrind, Estados Unidos

01. Undocumented Medical and Forensic Consideration I
02. Undocumented Medical and Forensic Consideration II
03. Undocumented Medical and Forensic Consideration III
04. Undocumented Medical and Forensic Consideration IV
05. Undocumented Medical and Forensic Consideration V
06. Undocumented Medical and Forensic Consideration VI
07. Undocumented Medical and Forensic Consideration VII
08. Undocumented Medical and Forensic Consideration VIII
09. Undocumented Medical and Forensic Consideration IX
10. Mucopurulent Genital Fungal Infection Subsequent to Unkempt Excess of Smegma Outcome
11. Insalubrious Evidence of Purulentic Fistula Discharge of the Lymphatic System
12. Secondary Idiopathic Intestinal Pseudoobstruction (Transcolonic Dysmotility by Systematic Scleroderma)
13. C.O.P.D. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) - Multifaceted Anaylsis on Present Compilications and Underlying Conditions
14. Peripheric Insufficiency With Perfect Metabolism in Illeal Pouch Separation
15. Born to Murder the World (LDOH Cover)
16. Immuno-Congenital Hemidysplasia With Ichcyositorm Erythoderma and Limb Defects
17. Malignant Intracerebral Temporal Arteritis Brought Upon by Meningoradicular Sinusitis
18. Mephitic Fissuration of the Proximal Anastomotic Operative (Retroperitoneal Peri-Vessel Loop Incontinence For Haemodialysis)

Streptococcus Pyogenes / Infester - Forensic Entomological Decomposition / Left Diaphragm Rupture With Stomach And Spleen Herniation Following Blunt Thoracic Trauma (2010)

Sello: Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions [2011] Cassette
Descarga: Link
Bitrate: 320kbps

Tracks 01-12 Streptococcus Pyogenes: Goregrind, Grecia
Tracks 13-22 Infester: Goregrind, Estados Unidos

01. Intro - Forensic Pathology, The New Age..
02. Entomotoxicology
03. Pylorus -Sparing Pancreaticoduodenectomy (Traverso-Longmire Procedure-PPPD)
04. Insect Development During Morgue Storage And Autopsy Procedures
05. Craniotome
06. Chemical Fixation Tissue Processing
07. Frozen Section Tissue Processing
08. NLD (Necrobiosis Lypoidica Diabeticorum)
09. Lymphangitis
10. Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy Using An Endiscope Place Within The Ventricular System Through Trepanation Allowing The Cerebrospinal Fluid To Flow Directly To The Basal Cisterns Shortcutting Any Obsctructions To Treat Certain Forms Of Obstructive Hydtrocephalus Such As Aqueductal Stenosis
11. Epikeratophakia
12. Staining Of The Processed Histology Sides (Complete Circumferential Peripheral And Deep Margin Assessment-CCPDMA)
13. Premature Rupture of Infrarenal Inflammatory Aneurysm of the Abdominal Tract Opening to the Mega Illiac
14. Congenital Small Bowel Infarction and Intestinal Obstruction Secondary to the Intraperitoneal Fibrous Bands
15. Secondary Blepharophimosis Inadequacy of the Endomorphia-Reliant Glandular Cells
16. Bile Duct Increta of Suppurated Pancreatic Fragments (Mucopurulent Sub Rectal Obstruction of the Excremental Contents)
17. Severe Peritonitis From Delayed Acute Appendicitis
18. Embryonal Blood and Organic Fluid Level Anaylsis in Uterogestation to Foetal Deformities in Embryopathia
19. Replantation of the Duodenal Diverticulum Due to Traumatic Tangenital Perforation of the Transverse Mesocolon
20. Involuntary Contraction of Connective Tissue Ligaments During Surgery
21. Acute Adenomatous Pilonida on Peritoneal Cyst Tissue (Rancid Episode in Colonic Ischemia)
22. Emergency Aorto-Renal Bypass For Acute Thrombosis of Renal Stent

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